Science Software
Multimedia Science specializes in creating software simulations, games, challenges, demos, and labs for physics, chemistry, and general science. This software is geared for high school grades 9-12 and college.
  Teacher Tools
Multimedia Science also produces a number of teacher tools including game making software that enables instructors to create learning games for any grade or subject area.
  Visual & Interactive
Software simlations, demonstrations, games and labs provide strong visual and interactive learning that plays to today's students strengths. Other benefits include:
Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)
Multimedia Science products are now available on the Teachers Pay Teachers web site, including individual science modules and materials at discount prices. Click on the Modules button above for a sampling of available modules and links to TPT.
  - Students can learn at their own pace
  - Students become more independent learners
  - Teachers have more time to facilitate learning
  - Students become more motivated learners
  - Students get immediate feedback
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Required Equipment
The software can be used with a computer and projector in front of the classroom, on a single computer, or in a computer lab, or over a school network..
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