Chemistry Software
These Multimedia Science titles include simulations, games, challenges, demonstratioins, and labs, and
are geared for high school grades 9-12 and college.
The project, game based, and interactive nature of this software will motivate your students, make your classroom more student centered, and allow you to become more of a facilitator.
Chemistry Software

Acids & Bases Screen Shot

The Ritzytown Water Projects

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  An Interactive Learning Experience On Acids & Bases
  This computer based instructional software with over 200 screens uses tutorials, simulations, interactive exercises, quizzes, and a final project to teach students the basic concepts of acids and bases. The scores of the quizzes and the project can be printed out. The curriculum is broken down into four units:

* Dissociation & The Beharior of Water
* pH & Calculating pH
* Properties of Water Solutions
* Neutralization & Titration

In the final unit, The Ritzytown Water Projects, students work at a fictional water testing company and use the material learned in the four previous tutorials to take samples, run tests, and make decisions.
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Chemistry Games, Labs, & Demos Main Menu
Chemistry Games, Labs, & Demos
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The Chemistry Games, Labs, & Demos software consists of a set of eight tutorials, labs, demonstrations, and games on basic chemistry topics.

The eight multimedia modules are listed below:
* Name That Element - Game
* Atomic Numbers - Game
* Chemical Formulas - Game
* Balancing Equations - Tutorial and Game
* Gas Laws - Lab
* Ideal Gas Law Simulator - Demo
* Dropping Ions - Game
* Equilibrium Simulator - Demo

The software is sold as a bundle and some modules are sold seperately.

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Significant Digits Drill Main Screen

Significant Digits Drill

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  The Significant Digits Drill software consists of a set of tutorials and drills. The tutorials use step by step examples, interactive simulations, and games to cover the basic concepts of:

* what is a significant digit
* how to find the number of significant digits in a given number
* how to use significant digits in addition & subtraction
* how to use significant digits in multiplication & division
* how to use significant digits in reading instruments

There are four drills that test the students understanding of the four how to concepts listed above. Each drill consists of either 25 questions. Students are shown the correct answer after answering incorrectly and which digits are significant when finding the significant digits in a given number.
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System Requirements
  • PC computer
  • Microsoft Windows XP or later

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