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Significant Digits Drill
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significant digits drill  main screen


The Significant Digits Drill software consists of a set of tutorials and drills. The tutorials cover the basic concepts of: what is a significant digit; how to find the number of significant digits in a given number; and how to use significant digits in addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, and in reading instruments.


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  Each tutorial explains the concepts of significant digits using explanations, step by step examples, and practice problems. In this screen, students are shown how increasing the number of decimal places in a number also increases its precision. Students can interact by shooting at an object and see how the changes in precision affect the chance of hitting the object.
significant digits drill tutorial screen

After each tutorial, students can practice their understanding by taking a 25 question quiz of randomly selected problems. The goal is to get 90% or above on each of the four drills. In this screen, students must read the instrument correctly using the correct number of significant digits.
significant digits drill screen